Thursday, September 10, 2009

Thursday 13

1. It's Thursday already! Short weeks, while I LOVE them, confuse all week. I think it's worse, as in more confusing, when it's Monday off versus Friday off...

2. Ironman Wisconsin is officially upon us. The first day of expo is today, the practice swims started this morning, there are tri bikes everywhere....and I am not participating in any of it. I'm trying really hard to keep a good (read good as functional and not terrifying) attitude as IM gets closer, but I am starting to fall apart. I wanted to race this year so bad. SO BAD, It's not fair. There I said. I want to cry and stomp my feet and revel in the misery of being injured and unable to race.

3. I have a IM volunteer meeting to night after work. That's right, a volunteer meeting. There is a part of me that wants desperately to just say forget it, I'm not volunteering and spend Sunday in bed.

4. The close date on th house has been moved up to the 17th! Which means I will have more than 3 days to move out and clean my apartment.... What a relief!

5. One of the less appealing parts of the new house is what is official none as a 1/4 bath. In everyday terms, it's a toilet in the basement with no walls. I am not ok with this. Oh, and there's a random shower nozzle protruding from the wall near the floor drain. Also not ok. I am determined to remove all evidence of the shower, put up some walls and get a sink. Home Depot tells me "You can do. We can help."

6. I am tired. Just run down, drained of all energy, tired.

7. Last week Thursday I planned to go to my first Bikram yoga class. That was until my physical therapist told me that yoga was too high impact. For reals. So again, it is Thursday and I REALLY want to go to yoga but am trying to be a good patient and listen to their advice...

8. I love that the signs of fall are here. Cool evenings, foggy mornings, sweaters, the smell of fires... Fall is a great time of year!!

9. I should really clean out my refrigerator. Like the milk in there expired sometime in August. Ick. But the grosser it gets, the less I want to do it. It's a vicious cycle.

10. Next week I am headed up to Cable for the Fat Tire Festival. I'm debating riding the Short and Fat course which is a measly 16m. But my common sense says I should just stick to being Wyatt's groupie and let him do all the riding. We shall see...

11. I have become obsessed with furniture shopping. If I could wake up and roll out of a Pottery Barn catalog that would be lovely...ooooo, and then walk into my William and Sonoma styled kitchen....sigh. Someday.

12. I am actually really excited for the home repairs and painting and DIY projects that are in the works at the new house. I swear, every time Wyatt leaves for work he will come home to something new and different....

13. Moving and packing is no fun. I swore that this apartment (that I am moving out of now) would b my last apartment until bought a house of my own. Well, it's not quite mine, but I am hoping this counts. :)

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