Thursday, August 20, 2009

Thursday 13

1. I cannot for the life of me figure out how to get the "Thursday 13" link to post correctly and actual work. Grr! Stupid html.

2. I am desperately trying to rent my apartment so when we move (the end of next month!!) I don't have a lease hanging over my head. If you know anyone who wants a fabulous near-east efficiency send 'em my way! :)

3. EEK!! I am moving the end of next month!! It sounds forever away, but it I have so much to do. And this bionic owie foot of mine is NOT helping things. I need boxes, I need to throw stuff out, I need to pack, I need to find someone to take my lease....oh to do list, kindly get yourself under control.

4. I am so over waddling around and being in pain. And really, I think this boot thing is only making it worse. There are new aches, pains, and soreness they were not there a few weeks ago. I blame the boot and think I should discontinue wearing it immediately!

5.Wyatt pack up 3 giant boxes of HIS shoes last night, 2 to keep and 1 to donate. Those boxes DO NOT include the 15+ pairs of shoes he kept out to "get him by until the move." Repeat after me Wyatt, "Hello my name is Wyatt and I am a shoe-a-holic."

6. Oddly, or not, I still have absolutely no desire to get on a bike. It's gone as far as me contemplating selling my bikes (which I have been told I am not allowed to do).

7. I really miss running. That's all I want to do lately. But seeing as it still hurts to even waddle, I don't think I will be going out for a run any time soon.

8. I am getting fat. For reals. To go from 10+ hours a week of exercise back in June to nothing since then is hard for the body (and mind) to take. Seriously, I am out of shape and feeling bad bad bad about myself.

9. In attempts to ward of the "I'm a fatty blues" I am getting my hair cut tonight.

10. I'm contemplating a trip to the Gap and Banana Republic for some retail therapy post hair cut. But I don't want to buy clothes to condone the new bulbous shape I have recently attained. It seems as though even retail therapy cannot make amends these days. But I suppose that's a good thing for my credit card.

11. In conversation with my mom the other day I learned that they (and by they I mean the jerk she married) gave away part of my grandparent's bedroom set. Who does that?!? I am pissed! I want that bedroom set. All of it.

12. All I want for my birthday is that bedroom set. No party, no presents, no mention of the day. (we all recall how well last year's birthday went....) I'm giving you all a few months to get creative, pool your resources, talk some sense, work some miracles, whatev, and GET THAT BEDROOM SET!!!

13. We were suppose to go to Mexico for my birthday to see Taz, Edde and Lawrence race Ironman Cozumel...but it has gotten expensive, the the hotel they're staying in is sold out, there's the stupid house (I don't really mean that, but this moving thing is a pain and takes $), and well I am too fat to wear a swimsuit and enjoy the beaches. It looks like I will not be getting my much needed vacation this year.... :(

It has NOT been a good week.

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