Thursday, August 6, 2009

Thursday 13

1. I actually cheated and started my 13 on Monday (see #13 on last week's Thursday 13)
2. I made it out climbing for the first time this season last Sunday...I got 2 Katie's high, which in non-Katie speak, would be like 12ft off the ground
3. Being injured this summer has led to some weight gain and I am NOT ok with it.
4. I hate it when people don't signal--it brings out the worst of my road rage!!
5. I really want to make it out to NY this fall to visit my good friend Jamie...I miss her. :(
6. I also want to head down to Cozumel to see my IM friends race, but the details are not coming to gether as easily as I would have like.
7. A man drowned swimming in Lake Monona yesterday and that makes me not want to do the OWS race or IM....
8. I think backpack leashes are a sign of lazy parenting, but something about this made me giggle...
9. Even though it means long hours, extra work, and little sleep, I'm excited to have friends in from across the country next week
10. I am not prepared to do as much riding in the next week as I am suppose to, which is a very bad sign
11. I am excited about the prospect of a new house, roommate, and maybe a new puppy!! :)
12. After 2 nights of everything going wrong and me losing my patience, my bike is rebuilt...with 44cm handlebars...shit! I knew something didn't look right.
13. Sometimes I wonder what my life would be like it my "5 Year Plan" had panned out...

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