Thursday, July 30, 2009

Thursday 13

1. I am trying something new this week and bringing the 'Thursday 13' to my blog
2. After 4wks of rest I think my foot is ready to try a little running again.
3. And if I still wasn't suffering from a migraine from putting my head into the pavement last week, I'd go run tonight.
4. I'm thinking of going out of town IM weekend so that I don't have to see all the athletes reaching there IM goals, while I am sidelined as a failure.
5. This weekend I'm headed out climbing for the first time this season.
6. Wyatt's FINALLY back in town for a few days. :)
7. And in honor of that, the dog got his teeth brushed and a bath
8.He was thrilled.

9. Tomorrow is going to be a 12+ hr work day. Boo!!
10. For lunch I had the second half of the best grilled cheese I had ever had.
11. It wasn't as good the second time.
12. I'm hoping for some quality motorcycle time this weekend.
13. It's hard to come up with 13 interesting things....


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1 comment:

Taz Brown said...

I like the thurs 13 thing. I love grilled cheese! Remind me of this place when we come into can't leave until we take you dirt find place yet?