Friday, June 19, 2009

Race coming...

I still have not had a chance to sit down and recap my thoughts on the KS 70.3 last weekend. Between the crazy game of catch up I am playing at work and the early to bed routine I've been pulling, there just hasn't been enough time in the day. And I have too many thoughts to skimp on the report.

There is one aspect of the race I would like to touch on, because well, it was a HUGE part of my race. And that is my traveling companion (i.e. chauffeur), partner in crime in KS, coworker at the race expo, race day cheerleader extraordinaire, and all around excellent guy, my running buddy.

Let's review...he was on the front line dealing with my stress and general attitude leading up to the race, changed racks when I had a meltdown over how my bike was sitting in the rack (don't ask), drove me down to KS (while I cat-napped), hung out at the race expo with me, drove the bike course with me....including when I took us off-roading full speed onto a gravel road (opps!), met my endless pre-race demands, got up at 4am with me on race day (and he is NOT a morning person), cheered me on, met my post race demands (including chicken nuggets and PBR), drove me home (again, while I napped).....and the list goes on!

I heart my running buddy....

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