Monday, June 8, 2009

Last minute training....

That's right, nothing like a few last minute training sessions to get ready for this weekend...

Friday night I went in to Crono (again) to try and solve my saddle dilemma. I just cannot seem to find a saddle and/or saddle position that is eve remotely comfortable. Not good. Craig is patiently working through this debacle with me. We found one Friday night that is better than the last, and while I won't call it comfortable, I think it will get me through next weekend. It could just be a matter of tweaking this saddle's position, we'll see. This is seriously a glass slipper situation here people. But instead of trying the glass slipper on lots of ladies to find the one, this lady is trying everyone in town to find the glass slipper that doesn't poke, prod, rub, blister....

So after setting up the new saddle the running buddy and I went out for a quick spin. It the chaos of my Friday I managed to only eat a blueberry scone, a cup of coffee and 1/2 a cup of granola. So I was not fueled to say the LEAST. Why do I do this to myself?!? I know better! Anywho, at about mile 9, shocker, I totally and completely bonked. So we ended up turning it around at 10m and calling it a day. And that was all there was to it. The most important part of the ride was to give the new saddle a road test and see how it did. I think this one is going to be ok. Maybe.

Saturday we have plans to go out for another ride, but between me not getting a very solid night of sleep, and the running buddy staying out partying way too late, that ride didn't happen. Seriously, I could have grumped out a ride, but the running buddy was in no shape to do so. I stand by, you play you pay. Suck it up sally! But by the time everyone was up and functional there was barely enough time to get ready for the wedding we were headed to that evening (beautiful and very nice wedding by the way, congratulations Conrad and Nikki!!).

Sunday I decided it was time to log a nice long swim. I was hoping for an open water, but the weather was iffy and willing swimmers were scarce. So I headed to the pool instead. I managed to do 2000y in 39mins. About 5mins slower than where I would like it to be, but with how I've been feeling lately I'll take it. Not great, not terrible. So if I subtract a little time for my super stealthy buoyant wetsuit and race day adrenaline, and then add some time for the chaos of open water and my inability to swim straight, I'm expecting around a 45m swim this coming Sunday. Again, not great, but it could be worse.

Running? Where's the running you say? Well I did a few shorties last week, but I'm still coughing stuff up and there's this nagging twinge in my right knee. So I've decided to take it easy on the running front, wen well, just sort of wing it. I know I can pretty comfortably cover the distance if I keep a reasonable pace. Sure, I'll be sore with the lack of mileage lately, but I'll pull through. And if all else fails, I can walk. And with the way this season has been going so far, I'm ok with walking. It is what it.

Now its time to pack, re pack, pack again and stress. I've got another swim on tap before I head out, hopefully a little pre-course ridding with the ladies when I get down there (Hey Taz and Meghan!!!) and I think the running buddy and I are going to do the Rock Chalk....Run 5k on Saturday.

I'll let you know how the packing and planning is going.....did I mention I am getting super stressed out nervous already?!? Shocking, I know.

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Anonymous said...

Not that this saddle will work for you...but I use a Koobi tri has a split down the center, narrow point, etc.

My hubby uses the SMP Pro, some odd curved shaped saddle.

Along with the saddle, take a look at your shorts, maybe you need more padding or less padding. Are you using enough Chamois Butt'r? That stuff is seriously like gold to me or I chaf pretty bad when I ride long.

Good luck, finding the right saddle is never a fun or easy thing.