Thursday, May 21, 2009

Madison Half Marathon

Bib # is 6537.

It's official. I have a number and all. I am in fact running the Madison Half Marathon this Sunday. I have an aggressive (for me) time goal in mind. I'm trained and relatively healthy (there is a nagging pain in my right knee that I will continue to ignore...).

So if you're in Madison this weekend and have no where to be at 7am on Sunday come on down and cheer us crazy runners on! And if you're running it let me know. I'd love to have people to start with, run with, watch for and so on. It's all about running, having fun, and friends.

Make signs, leave me chalk messages, cheer me on. I love it all! =D

I've yet to figure out my outfit for the day, but once I do I will definitely let ya'll know so you know what to watch for (I'm guessing there will be some pink tho...).

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

We are riding out to Breese Terrace, Walnut, Observatory. Then we'll ride over to mile 11ish on John Nolen...I hope we see you out there. I'll be looking for you.

Will you have a hat on?

Good luck!