Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Time to hit the polls!

Dear readers,

I need your help.

Whether you are a loyal stopper-by'er or have ended up here by chance, place take a minute to answer my poll on the right. In fact, tell your friends and fam to stop by and make their mark.

So once upon a time, say oh 8pm-ish last night, I was told by the running buddy that I was "not the marrying type." And while I am the first to admit that marriage is far from the top of my priority pile, I'd like to think think that someday my prince will come. Normally these sort of topics and things are not even pertinant in my world. But I digress, this bold statement really rubbed me the WRONG way. And as I made whatever snide remark back that I inevitably made, the given retort was "I said you were not the marrying type, its not like I told you you were unmarriable." Whiskey Tango Foxtrot!! Isn't that exactly what was said?

I mulled this over the entire duration of my swim workout last night, which I might add was a lovely workout, and decided to pose this question to the people:

Is there a difference between "not the marrying type" and "unmarriable"?

Now at the very least, please take a moment to participate in my poll. All you've got to do is click Yes or No. If you are feeling like helping me out, tell a friend or two to vote in my poll. And if you are REALLY inspired, leave me a comment or two. Every little bit helps.

OH!! And if you think that they are in fact different, can you take a second to explain how they are? I'm trying to make peace with this statement.....

Thank you, thank you, thank you!


robert said...

I voted yes there is a difference. Your local psycopath is unmarriable. I don't think you qualify, although you did voluntarily sign up for Ironman, so I suppose the jury is still out.

I wouldn't take it so hard, men say (and do) stupid things, just the way it is.

max said...

there is a difference

for sure

i think it is a matter of perspective

from your perspective, you are marryable, but not going to get married right now

from someone else's perspective, cause you are not going to get married right now, you might be unmarry-able

they are silly

discuss amoungst yourselves

Anonymous said...

Please let me know when you post your questions & answers, just reply to one of my blogs with an 'I'm DONE!!!'
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1. If you were to write a book about yourself and your life today, what would you title your book?

2. What is your favorite race and why? Give details about the race i.e., distance, running event, a tri, where it takes place, etc…

3.What ‘reality’ TV show host would you want to play/be and why?

4.Besides tri’s/running, what else do you do for fun? Explain in detail.

5.I see you are signed up for IM WI this year, as you know you are going to become one with that bike. Tell us a little more about your ride. What is your bike’s name? If you haven’t named it, this is the time to do that. Is it a boy or girl bike? What color is she/he? Explain why you chose that bike when you bought her/him. Can you post a picture of your ride – as we’d all love to meet him/her? Give us the specs if you want to get personal about your ‘lover’ with us.

I look forward to reading your answers :)