Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Now that the PINK's out of the way...

Where has the time gone....

I feel like I have been on a forced hiatus from my online world.  Like I was unplugged.  There's barely been enough time to sneak a peak at a blog here and there and catch up on my non-work email, let alone spill my guts here.  Too long.  So much to say.

Running at work has been pretty great.  There's only so far I can go with the roads and time I have at hand, but I've found that it is a much needed stress buster regardless.  And spending that hour a day out of the office is just what the doctor ordered.  But the next time a coworkers says "woah, did you know you are red in the face? are you ok?" I might smack someone.  Yes, I know I am red in the face.  Its 10 degrees out and I was just outside hauling hinney to stay warm.  Yep, I'll be radioactive red in the face for a while so feel free to stop staring.  And asking.  

Work has been crazy lately, and well, last week was insane to say the LEAST!  Potentially certifiably.  In fact I have no idea what happened or where I was before last week.  All of our Regional Managers flew in last Monday for a sales meeting.  Which meant the running buddy was in town all week (woo woo!!) but busy in meetings and playing host to all the out of towners (sad).  And this sales meeting meant that I spent a good portion of my week in meetings and wining and dining with the out of towners.

Oh, and let me tell you my dislike of laser tag.  Our boss had a great idea that everyone should do some team building.  Awesome, I'm down.  But my idea of team building does NOT include a gun of any kind.  I never even played with squirt guns as a kid.  I think I played a round or two of Duck Hunt on the original Nintendo, but I was far from capable of actually hitting anything.  But I decided I would man up and give it a go.  I strapped on the big flashy target-esque vest and donned my laser gun and went into the arena.  And that's when it got ugly!  All my coworkers are running around like maniacs shooting one another in this barely lit, black-light trippin' maze.  I. HATED. IT.  I managed to get through the first round, came in ranked 12 out of 12, and tried to convince people not to make me go back in.  But they told me it would be fun now that I got the hang of things.  Riiiiiight.  So back in I went.  The more my coworkers ran around like madmen, and shot me and each other, and the more I wandered into corners and had no idea where I was, the more I started to FREAK OUT!  Pretty soon I was starting to hyperventilate and cry.  If it hadn't been for my coworker Andy jumping out from around the corner and shooting me, to realize I was geeked to the max, and escort me out of the maze, I would probably still be rocking in the fetal position is some black lit corner.....to later be found curled up outside on the sidewalk by the running buddy.  They decided I didn't have to go back in after that.

But the laser tag day was not a complete lost.  After the that debacle FINALLY ended it was off to the local brew pub for bar-lympics.  That's right.  There were complex brackets and scoring and other things way beyond my comprehension.  But there was also beer, beautiful, delicious, much needed beer.  And shuffleboard!  I learned to play shuffleboard.  Not well, but I totally dug it.  And at the end of the brackets and games and beer, my territory and team represented!  Go South!  We are a pretty serious trio to reckon with.  And the running buddy's territory came in last.  Hehehe.  :)

So other than work, dinner, beer, repeat, last week was pretty much a bust.

There were a few key work day runs.  And it all ended with a gym membership and swim workouts on the schedule.

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