Friday, November 14, 2008

Rainy Day Runnin'

Let me start by saying that this week has been hellacious! That's right people, it's been just a lil slice of hell on earth. Details are going to be omitted to protect the innocent.

Well, when Thursday afternoon rolled around there was it was no real surprise that I wasn't stoked about running. In fact, I wasn't planning on running. I know that whenever I get out there and run I feel better, but I was in a just f'it sort of mood. I was looking forward to an evening of beer and self pity. But then the phone rang and it was my weekend running buddy calling to inquire about the status of the run. Dammit! How do I say no then without losing face (and trust me saving face is of the utmost importance said individual)? So I sucked it up and set a time.

When these arrangements were made the weather wasn't too bleak. Little chilly, some intermittent light drizzle, but totally run-able.

Then run time came and it was a whole other story.

It was miserable. The temperature dropped more with it being dark out. The occasional drizzle turned into a steady rain. Ick, ick, double ick. But run we did. And I don't even think I was the most miserable.

Eventually cold and rain be damned, I hit my stride and had a pretty average run. My pace was where I wanted it to be considering all things, but it was a struggle. Something about the cold damp just makes me ache like a geriatric!

The poor sucker who conned me into running on such an unpleasant evening did not have quite the same run I did, and quite honestly I don't blame them one bit. They sucked it up and did minimal whining, and kept up with me for most of the run. I definitely am giving a HUGE monumental shout out to this fellow masochist of mine for making me get out there and run as much as I jsut didn't want to.

And in case you were running, after a loooooong hot shower, I did proceed to drink beer and eat pizza in bed to compensate for the week.

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