Friday, October 31, 2008

Payback's a B*tch!

So if you recall back on October 1st I wrote about how a friend of mine coerced me the weekend before to get my sorry ass back on my bike and ride? And that this friend put me through my paces? Decent distance, a few hills, a hell of a lot of gravel, and a construction sight?Right. Good times.

Well, as the title indicates, Payback's a B*TCH!! That's right, this friend of mine, quite out of the blue, decided to run with me last night. I'm pretty up front and honest with people about my snail like pace, and had been mocked endlessly for this by said friend. Well it's not so slow when you're struggling to keep up now is it buddy?

That's right, I was looking to do 4.5-5m at my usual pace. We met at my house to start the run, at which point I was informed that they've never run that far before. Interesting. Suddenly their game isn't quite what the talk would have you believe. So we headed out walking to my normal start point, you know, my normal warm up walk. Got there, and game on. Suddenly my slow wasn't so slow now was it. Truth be told, I felt great running, and having this friend along helped motivate me to keep my pace up.

Around 1.5m we had to stop briefly so my friend could stretch....around 2.5 we had to stop so they could tie their shoe.....not to mention all the brief stops at intersections.... Man! There was a lot of stopping.

So in the last quarter mile, as usual, I slowly started to ramp up my speed. "So you wanna race?" To which I replied, "No, no. But go right ahead." But in that last 100 i was ready for my normal all out sprint to the end. It's just what I do. I believe in finishing strong and leaving it all out there. Not all of us were prepared, and by the end point of the run my poor friend was keeled over thinking they were going to vomit. (Awesome!)

Later that night a few friendly text messages were exchanged, and the gauntlet has been thrown! The goal is to take on the Lake Monona Route (again for me, first time for my friend) before the year is out.

Bring. It. On

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