Saturday, September 6, 2008


Let me tell you about an amazing friend and coworker of mine, Bryn.

The madness all started earlier this summer. Spending oddles of time with me, and having met a pretty cool tri-atha-boyfriend Noah, she decided to take on a triathlon herself.

Now Bryn is a rockin' paddler, and can hold her own in just about any water sport. One might say she's part fish. Did I mention she's pretty fierce kickball player too? Yeah, well she is.

On a bike though, thats a different story. And while she's the first to take her over energized rottweiller Roxy on an epic walk, she's tell you in a heartbeat how mush she detests running. She's naturally a pretty fit lil' hottie, but this triathlon thing was going to be whole new undertaking.

For Christmas last year her mom hooked her up (with the help of another one of our coworkers) with a pretty sweet little road bike. So she has the gear. She even has the clipless pedals and sort of knows how to use them (despite a few times tipping over, but really who hasn't done that). But unfortunately for the bike it wasn't getting quite as much love and attention as a bike of its stature should.

That was all about to change.

We picked a race and I helped her devise a training plan. The Lake Geneva Super Sprint was the goal, and when we we got serious about training she had about a month and half to get ready for it. The distances at hand were a .2 mile swim/17 mile bike/1 mile run, all quite attainable but needless to say Bryn was nervous.

I would like to go on the record to say that from the start I stood by not only would she finish, but that she would do it in under 2hrs.

Fast forward to race weekend.

Unfortunately due to other obligations I wasn't going to be able to be there on race day. What kind of friend and coach was I? I talk her into this adventure, help her train, and then bail on her? What a lame-o, I know. But I knew that she was going to be in very good hands with Noah (assuming that the car was gassed up and the speed limit was obeyed). Bryn and I both knew she had done her homework and was ready, but she was nervous. It certainly didn't help anything that I had crashed like none other just a few weeks prior at Pigman and she had to be there to pick up the carnage. Trying to build her confidence I even made a little bet with her. I bet her one whole US dollar that not only would she finish but it would be in less than 2 hours. She took that bet, and off she nervously went. At this point all I could do was continue to send her all my happy speedy thoughts. Now all I could do was sit and wait like an expectant parent...

And then I got the call.

That chick rocked it! Not only did she finish....not only did she sneak in under 2 hrs...girl kick that triathlon's butt! 1hr 35mins 44sec.

Way to go Bryn!!!

Out of the run and headed to the bike. Look at that smile! I think its safe to say we have a new triathlete in the family!

For a girl who hates to run look at her go. Girl's got some wheels on her!

I am so proud to have been a part of Bryn's journey. She is capable of accomplishing anything she sets her mind to. And I hope she even had a little fun along the way. XOXO!!


Bryn said...

Shout out & lots of love to Coach Katie & my Tri-atha-boyfriend Noah.

Katie who made me train and even swam into me at Wingra for 'real race-like feel'!

Noah, my logistics coordinator - who scouted the course to make sure it was free of horses; secured lodging for the two of us; woke me up on time; provided breakfast, a bento box, race belt, hugs, kisses & reassurance.

I truly appreciate your unconditional support and enthusiasm - I couldn’t have (and wouldn't have) done it without the two of you!

Andrea said...

Do we have a 2010 Ironman competitor in the making? Way to go Bryn! You rocked it. Love your blog Katie, keep it up! IM WI 09 - here we come!