Thursday, September 25, 2008

Reality Check

In the midst of a long hum-drum sort of week at work, no motivation to do anything, I decided it was time to stop making excuses and feeling sorry for myself and just plain start to make it happen.

I received an email from a my coach the other day, which has helped me start to crawl out of slump. He wrote that...

"For now, I would say just maintain some fitness and take advantage of hopefully some more decent weather to be outside. There is no magic formula and one year out you should just be focusing on basic fitness, flexibility and FUN to help prepare you for the real training later this year."

I sort of chewed on it for a while to digest and tried to put things in perspective. But he's right. The fact is that I have a long year ahead of me. One that frightens me and makes me question my sanity. One that excites me. One that I'm proud to say I've undertaken. There are many long months to come, so now is the time to get back to the basics.

Why am I doing this?

I love the sport and the challenge.
I'm chasing down a life long dream.
To be surrounded by all the beautiful tri bodies.
For a little bit healthier lifestyle.
To prove to others I can
To prove to myself that I can.

I am stronger than I though I was.

There's my short list. But these thoughts, among others, have become somewhat of a mantra. When I hit the wall on any given work out, I bring it back to the mental game. I'm trying to remember to train my body AND my mind. I've working on re-reading (for about the 10th time) The Triathlete's Guide to Mental Training. I'm rallying the troops and refocusing. I can do this. I will do this.

So I put on my running shoes last night and I ran. I gave myself attainable goals and no excuses not to make them. And when I stopped making excuses, accepted the fact it wasn't going to be easy, and just went for it, I did it.

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