Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Maybe Moab?

So I just scored the sweetest of invites to mountain bike Moab the beginning of November. Not only is the company sure to be some of the best around, but the riding possibilities and memories are sure to be epic. This strikes me as a once in a lifetime opportunity, and I cannot believe it was offered to me! I'm giddy like a twitterpated school girl for goodness sakes!

I can't overlook, amidst all the excitement, the little bit of sheer terror this trip evokes. Let me just throw out the fact that I haven't mountain biked in something like 6yrs.... That Moab is like real mountain biking. There are big ass hills and such, not to mention I'm sure some pretty gnarly singletrack. This gal, who is more than a wee bit accident prone, cannot, I REPEAT CANNOT, afford to get hurt this year.

I suppose I can do little more than embrace my life motto and go big or go home! I mean, hello, I have like a month to learn how to mountain bike, right?

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