Wednesday, July 9, 2008

39 Days and Counting

So I've come to the conclusion that the 2008 race/training season has pretty much been a bust. There's been a little biking, some running, few open water swims,oh and no actual races. But I've got my eye on the prize. Pigman. 39 Days to Pigman.

My POA for Pigman was to draw up my last minute training calendar. So at work today I made my calendar, wrote in my traveling and events, and then wrangled up my coworkers and friends and had them sign up for training dates with me. It went a little something like, "So, uh, Geoff, what're you up to on Sunday the 20th?.....Nothing? Well I was looking for someone to do a 50mile training ride with, I'll put your name down. You're the best!!" And so on and so forth.

I looked to my coworker and local cycling guru to help me rock some serious training rides, called my best running buddy to pencil in some runs, and coerced another coworker into commiting to open water swims at least twice a week over the next 5 weeks. I'm not afraid to public name names and dates that ya'll said you'd help out with...... And of course I'm looking to any other friends and fellow coworkers to to keep me motivated, and calm, as the countdown continues.

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