Monday, June 16, 2008

Home Sweet Home

So I survived yet another expo. And this was the expo that almost wasn't.

Who really wants to get on a plane in crazy death storms and promptly fly in to another storm? As I walk into the office to let me coworkers know that I'm headed to the airport and out for the weekend I am drone out by crazy vicious thunder. Trust me, the irony was not lost on me. I couldn't help but flinch at the thought of being in nothing more than a aerodynamic tin can flying through the storm clouds, and lets not forget the potential turbulence.

But I made it through the storm and the flight. That was until I reached my destination.

I get to Kansas City MO to be greeted by tornado warnings and golf ball size hail. As I signed my life away for my rental car I just happened to catch a glimpse of the fine print that says "hail damage is not covered by out insurance." Really? WTF! Its not like I'm the one pelting the side of the rental car with giant ice rocks. Puh-lease. On that note, no, I don't want your stupid insurance.

The expo itself, well, let it suffice to say that I'm glad its over. I went. I saw. It sucked. I went home. End of expo.

Other than that my trip was pretty friggin sweet! I get to check out Kansas City on the back of a rockin motorcycle. I saw a handful of local dealers and bike shops. I got to check out a local brewery or two, and I FLEW A PLANE! (How many people can say they did all that on a business trip???)

The short and sweet of this weekend is that yet another weekend we by with no training or racing to be had.

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